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When I get the list value from the "Author" column on a list in SharePoint 2010, the following gets displayed:


Now the user that created that particular list item was "SP10Setup", now is there a simple way to remove "2;#" at the beginning of SP10Setup without affecting the digits in "SP10Setup"?

I have a method that currently is stripping out all digits

//method to strip out unnecessary digits
public static string RemoveDigits(string key)

return Regex.Replace(key, @"\d", "");

this is how I get the particular list item value:

string author = listItem["Author"].ToString();

this is how I removed unwanted digits and characters:

//calling the RemoveCharacter method
string noDigitsAuthor = RemoveDigits(author);
string cleanedupAuthor = noDigitsAuthor.Replace(";", "").Replace("#", "");

The result I get from this is "SPSetup", but ideally I would want the result to be "SP10Setup".

What would be the quickest and easiest way to achieve this...

Thanks in Advance

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You should not do it yourself. Use SPFieldLookupValue class

String author = "2;#SP10Setup";
SPFieldLookupValue lookup = new SPFieldLookupValue(author);
string cleanedupAuthor = lookup.LookupValue;
int authorId = lookup.LookupId;

so you will have:

cleanedupAuthor = "SP10Setup"
authorId = 2
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wow this worked beautifully so simple and no need to mess around with regex, and replacing characters... Thanks alot –  Dev P Sep 20 '12 at 13:37

Use a regular expression like ^\d*;#. The ^ matches the start of the string, \d* says match zero or more digits and ;# are literals.

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first of al ';' and '#' are no digits. but you can take a loot at Removing text in string using Regex

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