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I need help with some of the graphics on a cumulative distribution plot using plot.mc

An example of what I am doing is as follows:

test<-mcstoc(rbetagen,type="V",shape1=48, shape2=66.42, min=0, max=4000)

This plots the cumulative distribution of "test".

What I want to do, is draw a verticle line up from a specific point on the x-axis (say 1800), which touches the cumulative distribution line, then draws a line across to the Y axis at the point corresponding to 1800 on the x axis.

I have looked up help(plot.mc) and help(plot.stepfun) but neither seem to be able to do this.

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See ?arrows

arrows(x0=0, y0=.745, x1=1800, y1=.745, code=0, lty=2)
arrows(x0=1800, y0=0, x1=1800, y1=.745, code=0, lty=2)

enter image description here

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And how did you calculate the 0.745 for the Y value? This is exactly what I was looking for though, thank you very much! –  Timothy Alston Sep 20 '12 at 14:21
Actually I didn't calculate it, it is an arbitrary number. But I think looking inside test you could find the right number. Glad to be useful. –  Jilber Sep 20 '12 at 14:30

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