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public ViewResult Details(int ID)
        tblMp3 item =  db.tblMp3.Single(t => t.ID == ID);
        ViewBag.Mp3Tags= db.tblTags.Where(c => c.tblMp3.Any(a => a.ID == ID)).ToList();
        return View(item);

This is my Controller, I read that it is not recommended to use ViewBag and that I must use Model alternatively but unfortunately I do not know how to do that can any one help? Thanks

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Just create new class like this:

public class Mp3ViewModel
   public tblMp3 Item { get;set; }
   public SomeClass Mp3Tags { get;set; }

And send it to view.

In view you use:

@model namespace.Mp3ViewModel

now you can use Model.Item and Model.Mp3Tags

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On your View, add this on the first line :

@model YouNamespace.tblMp3

After, you can use your model's properties :

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