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i've been working with Sublime Text 2 for a few months now, and have the plugin (module/bundle) SublimeCodeIntel working for python (django).

however I notice that it does not work on a javascript project. i get all kinds of highlightings on syntax in python files, calls to libraries that are not included, syntax errors, ... and codecompletion.

however in JavaScript nothing happens. i'm working on windows and am not familiar with custom build scripts like the git documentation for SublimeCodeIntel suggests.

all i've seen is that the settings file for SublimeCodeIntel, has a section where only python is listed:

    Maps syntax names to languages. This allows variations on a syntax
    (for example "Python (Django)") to be used. The key is
    the base filename of the .tmLanguage syntax files, and the value
    is the syntax it maps to.
    "Python Django": "Python"

maybe i need to reference the proper files for javascript as well?

the console does not really mention anything about failed executions or anything, or i must have missed those logs.

in any case i'm looking for some guidance on what i can do to enable or fix this bundle.

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i believe i'm making progresss, and found out it doesn't work on 1 of my projects due to the project being hosted on a virtual linux machine, while sublime is on my native OS, and just connects over network paths to the virtual machine. Possibly CodeIntel runs into problems indexing the files over network? –  Sander Dec 12 '12 at 10:35

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this is not 100% of a solution, but I got it to work with projects on my own system. just like I specified in my comment earlier, the problem is fixed on local projects, but projects running on a network share won't work.

these could be on a remote computer, or a virtual box instance, does not matter somehow I think the project fails to index the project files or keywords if those files are on a mapped network drive.

that's how it is for now, maybe sublime text 3 will make a difference with their jump to symbol integration, we'll see.

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