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I'm developing an XSD scheme for SOAP-based web-service that provides financial calculations. Service response contains historical performance of portfolios of investments and different measures: rates of returns, standard deviations etc.

I'd like to know if there are some well known standards for such information? For example:

  • how many decimal digits should values have;
  • how currency/percentage/date/etc values are formatted in SOAP response;
  • any standard enumerations for data types;
  • any standard structures.

Do you follow any internal standards in your web-services? Can you suggest anything?


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Take a look at a standard called XBRL

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Can I use XBRL to create my own taxonomies? Can I use some XBRL tags for the numbers provided in my reports? For example, is there any standard tags for Sharpe Ration or Annualized Return? – Andrey Sep 21 '12 at 13:27

At one point I bumped into a standard called IFX. Haven't personally used it, but it was supposed to be specifically designed for interoperability of systems seeking to exchange financial information. There were also some developments made to allow IFX documents transmission using web services.

See if it helps in any way.

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