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This code works fine when there is a entry in the database, however when I remove the entry it errors out. I believe it's not taking in a null value. I don't really work asp but I would really like to understand how to make it work if there is no value in the database

Dim rsValue

gParama = "^Param1^,^Param2^"
set rsValue = GetData(000, gParama,"","")
sURL= rsValue("table column")
rsValue = nothing

<% if sURL <> "" then %>
  <a href=<%sURL%> class="user">
 <img src= "../images/random.gif" > RANDOM</a>
 <%end if%>
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The error is inside GetData I presume? Does that piece of code check for recordset.eof before retrieving the value? –  AardVark71 Sep 20 '12 at 13:58
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You need to check for EOF (end of file) before using your recordset.

if rsValue.eof then
    'no data!
end of
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