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I would like to display e.g. 31-12-1999 for years ac and 31-12-(-)2000 for years bc. I spent some time with the joda api's e.g. something like:

new DateTimeFormatterBuilder().appendYear(4, 10).appendLiteral("-").appendMonthOfYear(2).appendLiteral("-").appendDayOfMonth(2).toFormatter();

but I cannot find any details about this specific wish.

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For the AD case:

new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
  .appendYear(4, 10).toFormatter();

For the BC case:

new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
  .appendYear(4, 10).toFormatter();

Then write an if statement before formatting.

If you want a single formatter to do this you can implement DateTimePrinter and then append that to DateTimeFormatterBuilder.

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