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Hi friends I am new to blackberry10 development. I am developing an application using HTML 5. I can run the application in Ripple Emulator. And with this i have created the bar file. But how can I install this application into my device. When I try this with command promt it show error as

Info: Sending request: Install and Launch
Info: Action: Install and Launch
Info: File size: 1118370
Info: Installing sampleapp.testRel_sampleapp__42572c37...
Info: Processing 1118370 bytes
result::failure 881 required signatures missing (RDK, AUTHOR)
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I went through the same issues when I wrote my first WebWorks app. Followed all the instructions in the guides and still had the same problem. Looked like the app is not deployed /launched in a debug mode.

So here is my solution:

Under the Ripple, on the right-hand side, there is the "Build" tab (or toolbox) - choose "Settings". A dialog will pop-up. There check the check-box "Enable Remote Web Inspector" and close the dialog.

Now just hit the "Package & Launch" button.

Should work.

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I suppose you already have the signing keys set up, because you have the Dev Alpha.

Create a debug token with

blackberry-debugtokenrequest -storepass *yourkeypass* -devicepin *yourpin* d:\*yourfile*.bar

upload it to the device with

blackberry-deploy -installDebugToken d:\*yourfile*.bar -device *yourdeviceip* -password *yourdevicepass*

After this, place yourfile.bar in the main sdk folder, together with bbwp, and rename it as debugtoken.bar

Enable remote web debugging and now it works!

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