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I am making a report where I have to show records by month, I used a drop down list with the names of months and another with a list of Years. I used the selection formula on the record:

{} >= cdate(year(currentdate),(Month ({?startdate})),1)
{} < dateserial(year(currentdate),(Month ({?startdate}))+1,1)

How can I pass the the name of month and the year as parameters to the report so that the report of that month & year can be viewed... If I select january and 2012 then I should be able to view records of jan,2012 in my report?

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Keep in mind, you will need to pass in the month name appropriate for the computer's current regional settings; passing in "March" may work where I am, but won't work in other countries.

For the month, you can create a parameter called ?MonthParam, and add this to your Record Selection Formula:

MonthName (Month({YourTable.YourColumnName})) = {?MonthParam}

For the year, just do:

Year({YourTable.YourColumnName}) = {?YearParam}

Add it all together and you have:

MonthName (Month({YourTable.YourColumnName})) = {?MonthParam} AND
    Year({YourTable.YourColumnName}) = {?YearParam}
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thanks it works...... :) – Stash_Man Sep 20 '12 at 14:58

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