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as question stated, how do i update the field by adding +1?

im using PDO wrapper class from

i tried below and its not updating the field, please help!:

  1. $update = array('log' => 'log+1');
  2. $update = array('log' => '+1');

$DB->update('user', $update, "idClient = 1");

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This is the query you are ultimately shooting for:

"UPDATE user SET log = log + 1 WHERE idClient = 1";

With that PDO syntax, I am assuming it would look something like:

$update = array('log' => 'log +1');
$DB->update('user', $update, 'idClient = 1');


The errors need to be logged, check this out:

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just tried it and didnt work! – tonoslfx Sep 20 '12 at 14:22
thanks for link. helful for error logging. But it didnt show any errors? ^/ – tonoslfx Sep 20 '12 at 14:57

You can also try this way and it is safe as well

$sql = 'UPDATE user SET log = log + 1 WHERE ( idClient = :userid )';
$prepStatement = $pdo->prepare( $sql );
$prepStatement->execute(array(':userid' => 1));
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