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On clciking a button in the page , I am adding an user control in to a place holder of the page. The user control has a gridview which has a link button as template field and has a click event associated with it.

When I click the link button inside the gridview , the link button click event is not fired and also the user control disappears in the page.

Please suggest a solution

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Sounds like the button is doing a postback and your not doing a databind on the usercontroll, but you are not giving us much to go by, could you maybe post some code. – Roise Sep 20 '12 at 14:42
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--You need to recreate all your dynamic controls at the early enough in the page lifecycle (page_load/page_init), so the will detect events and attach them.

try this knowledge post

Why don't events of dynamically added user control fire on postback?

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Thanks Sathish . It works after creating dynamic controls on load – VinothMKumar Sep 26 '12 at 6:26

You need to recreate your dynamic controls on every postback - remember a new class instance of your page is created every postback, so any dynamic controls you created the previous time will need to be recreated.

see this article

and this one

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