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I'm having a problem running nose tests. When I run my suite from Eclipse, using Run As>Python unit-test with the test runner set to Nose test runner and arguments --verbosity=2 --processes=2 --process-timeout=300 in the Eclipse preferences for PyDev>PyUnit, I get a nice, orderly run where 4 new python processes spin up, and I get results back for my 19 tests (a class derived from object with 2 test generator methods, the first dispatching 6 tests, the second 13) in a few minutes (the tests are each making a sequence of REST calls then doing some validation). However, when I run the same file from the command line using nosetests --processes=2 --verbosity=2 --process-timeout=300 testfile.py, it spawns 100s of new Python processes that seem to be organized in groups, with one having a bit over 6k in memory usage and the others having 50-500k. These processes keep spawning indefinitely, and the tests never complete, until I start manually killing the processes. If I run the tests from the command line without multiprocessing, they complete just fine as well.

Is Eclipse doing some extra corralling of the test processes? Could I potentially be running different versions of Nose in Eclipse and from the command line (even though I only see 1 nose install, in site-packages)?

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