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I'd like to use something like

hash.pick('prop1', 'prop2')

the same way as using underscores pick method ( takes properties of an object/hash and create a new hash based on them )

So it will look like this

{ prop1: 'asdf', prop2: 'qwer', prop3: 'uiop' }.pick( 'prop2', 'prop3' )
# equals { prop2: 'qwer', prop3: 'uiop' }
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There is no such method in Ruby's std lib. However, ActiveSupport in Rails provides hash.slice:

require "active_support/core_ext/hash/slice"
{ prop1: 'asdf', prop2: 'qwer', prop3: 'uiop' }.slice(:prop2, :prop3)
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Use Hash slice method as in:

hash.slice(:prop1, :prop2)
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