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I'm using the iOS simulator from xcode 4.3.1, and the "TV Out" option doesn't seem to be doing its thing. I've tried it with a variety of simulated devices and tv resolutions, but always just get a black screen. Perhaps it doesn't support the default Mirroring which comes w/ the iPad 2 & 3 ? That is, when i hook up a VGA cable to an actual iPad 2, i get a nice mirroring of the 'desktop' and whatever app i run.

Possibly the simulator only respects explicit video-out to screen 1 ? eg:

UIScreen*    secondScreen = [[UIScreen screens] objectAtIndex:1];

tia, Orion

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I found this forum post which pointed out that there's a problem with landscape showing up on the secondary screen for the simulator.

Every time I've tested outputting to a secondary screen seems to work in portrait, but not in landscape. Hope that helps!

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interesting, i'll give that a try - thanks. –  orion elenzil Dec 6 '12 at 23:18

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