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I have an html text input that I am trying to change the content of via an if statement - other actions within the if statement are occurring which tells me the if statement is reaching this action however the content is not changing as directed - is there an error in my code?


<input id="quest17" class="tb8" type="text" name="quest[17]" value="" size="40">


document.getElementById('quest17').innerHTML = "new content";

is the problem because I also have a class? if so any way around it... I am honestly at a loss here.

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Try .value instead of .innerHTML

document.getElementById('quest17').value = "new content";
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Set the value instead of innerHtml:

document.getElementById('quest17').value = "new content";​

Example - http://jsfiddle.net/infernalbadger/8JqkQ/

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document.getElementById('quest17').value = "new content";
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If the element is an input, innerHTML is the wrong way, try setting the value attribute

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