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Hello I need to retrieve full country names based on a country code and a locale in PHP. Since php-intl is now supposed to be able to do this I want to use that.

nl -> Nederland
uk -> Verenigd Koninkrijk

nl -> The Netherlands
uk -> United Kindom

I think I need to use php-intl resource bundles somehow, but am unable to find any useful examples.

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Dunno about the php-intl but you may a public resource like mega-db.com.ar/Table/iso3166 –  Boris Guéry Sep 20 '12 at 15:10

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Exactly. The intl methods can help you with that.

You need to use Locale::getDisplayRegion

Object oriented style:

static string Locale::getDisplayRegion ( string $locale [, string $in_locale ] )

Procedural style:

string locale_get_display_region ( string $locale [, string $in_locale ] )

Returns an appropriately localized display name for region of the input locale. If is NULL then the default locale is used.

So, in your case:

php > echo Locale::getDisplayRegion('nl_NL', 'nl_NL');
php > echo Locale::getDisplayRegion('en_GB', 'nl_NL');
Verenigd Koninkrijk
php > echo Locale::getDisplayRegion('nl_NL', 'en_GB');
php > echo Locale::getDisplayRegion('en_GB', 'en_GB');
United Kingdom

Remember that 'GB' is used for the United Kingdom instead of 'UK'

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