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Here is the error I get when trying to compile this WordCount.java file.

$javac -classpath /usr/lib/hadoop/hadoop-common-2.0.0-cdh4.0.1.jar:/usr/lib/hadoop/client/hadoop-mapreduce-client-core-2.0.0-cdh4.0.1.jar -d ~/wordcount /usr/lib/hadoop/wordcount_classes/WordCount.java

warning: Cannot find annotation method 'value()' in type 'LimitedPrivate': class file for org.apache.hadoop.classification.InterfaceAudience not found
1 warning
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@harshJ any advice? –  user1663321 Sep 21 '12 at 15:39

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Add hadoop-annotations-2.0.0-cdh4.0.1.jar to the classpath

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how exactly do you add this jar to the classpath? do i need to specify it in javac -cp .... ? –  gaussd Oct 29 '12 at 10:00
In the same way as the others are added (see question) : javac -classpath hadoop-annotations-2.0.0-cdh4.0.1.jar:[other_jars] –  Lorand Bendig Oct 30 '12 at 8:35

Steps how I fixed this problem:

  1. I created a directory called wordcount (/home/cloudera/wordcount).
  2. Added WordCount.java to /home/cloudera/wordcount directory.
  3. Inside the directory I ran the following command:

    javac \
    -cp /usr/lib/hadoop/\*:/usr/lib/hadoop/client-0.20/\*:/usr/lib/hadoop/lib/\* \
    -d /home/cloudera/wordcount/wordcount_classes
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For Hadoop version 2.6.0 you need to add the following jars:

javac -classpath $HADOOP_HOME/share/hadoop/common/hadoop-common-2.6.0.jar:$HADOOP_HOME/share/hadoop/common/lib/hadoop-annotations-2.6.0.jar:$HADOOP_HOME/share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-client-core-2.6.0.jar /path_to_your_java_file/WordCount.java

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A fast (but not advisable for production) in hadoop-2.6.x is


$ javac -classpath .:$(mapred classpath):$CLASSPATH -d ~/wordcount /usr/lib/hadoop/wordcount_classes/WordCount.java
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