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I want to implement the visuel effect like the image I attached. I m using jquery UI and believe there must be someone did that before. So it there anyone can show me some some exisitng examples of that effect ?

The effect I want to implement

Jquery Ui button is at http://jqueryui.com/demos/button/icons.html, but there is no further explaination.

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Instead of viewing the external demo page, check the documentation's example page and click "View Source" –  jbabey Sep 20 '12 at 16:00

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Use the button icons option defining both primary and secondary inside that option.

In the source code on the page you can see this:

    icons: {
        primary: "ui-icon-gear",
        secondary: "ui-icon-triangle-1-s"
    text: false

Note the text: false option so that no text inside the button will be displayed. However you will need to put some text inside the <button> tags or else it won't have the right hight. <button>&nbsp;</button> would work fine.

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