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I want to map multiple URLs into an overloaded controller method as below. But I get the error "Method account is defined twice". So, is it possible to do this in scala - play framework?

GET     /order/:userId             controllers.Application.account(userId)       
GET     /order/:userId/:date       controllers.Application.account(userId, date)
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Because of the way the reverse routing works, you need to specify both parameters to use account like that. Here's an example that works:

In Application.scala:

def account(userId: String, date: String) = Action {
  Ok(userId + " and " + date)

In routes:

GET /order/:userId           controllers.Application.account(userId, date="")
GET /order/:userId/:date     controllers.Application.account(userId, date)
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+1 but still, the blowing of chunks, no overloading ;-( – virtualeyes Oct 29 '12 at 18:51

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