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I have other PDO Statements that execute fine, but this one is screwed up.

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT ?,?' );
$sth->execute( array( 0, 10 ) );

The above does NOT work, but the below does work:

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT 0,10' );
$sth->execute( array( 0, 10 ) );

So why won't the first way display any of my results when it should be giving the same response?

So here is what I have now

$start = 0;
$perpage = 10;

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT ?,?' );
$sth->bindValue(1, $start, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindValue(2, $perpage, PDO::PARAM_INT);

this also does not work

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT ?,?' );
$sth->bindParam(1, 0, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindParam(2, 10, PDO::PARAM_INT);
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can you change array( 0, 10, ) to array( 0, 10 ) and see if it works –  Satya Sep 20 '12 at 16:09
Sorry, that was a typo. It still doesn't work without the second comma. :( –  Dominick Sep 20 '12 at 16:11
and the second comma was not a typo, php does not forbid it –  artragis Sep 20 '12 at 16:12

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The problem is likely that PDO will interpret any inputs as strings. You can try

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT :low,:high' );
$sth->bindValue(':low', 0, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindValue(':high', 10, PDO::PARAM_INT);


$low = 0;
$high = 10;
$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT :low,:high' );
$sth->bindParam(':low', $low, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindParam(':high', $high, PDO::PARAM_INT);

Source: PHP PDO bindValue in LIMIT

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Sounds like it would work but I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 2 by reference. Any ideas? –  Dominick Sep 20 '12 at 16:26
You need to change bindParam to bindValue I believe, in your answer @GlaciesofPacis –  PenguinCoder Sep 20 '12 at 17:30
@PenguinCoder - Yep, I do. bindParam only works with parameters, while bindValue can either use a parameter or a value –  ChrisForrence Sep 20 '12 at 17:37
@GlaciesofPacis I tried both snippets of code and neither returns any results. But if I simple change :low,:high to 0,10 it displays fine. This is driving me crazy. –  Dominick Sep 20 '12 at 17:40
Just for fun, add a space after the comma, so SELECT * FROM 'post' LIMIT :low, :high –  ChrisForrence Sep 20 '12 at 17:42

What database? MySQL? SQL Server? Oracle?

In MySQL the PDO with LIMIT clause should work as in GlaciesofPacis's post. However, if you are using SQL SERVER you're not using the correct syntax. Referenced from StackOverflow question:

$query = "
SELECT @Sort = SortColumn FROM Table ORDER BY SortColumn
SELECT ... FROM Table WHERE SortColumn >= @Sort ORDER BY SortColumn

$sth->bindParam(':startRow',0, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindParam(':pageSize',10, PDO::PARAM_INT);
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It's MySQL. GlaciesofPacis' suggestion returns Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 2 by reference. Any ideas? –  Dominick Sep 20 '12 at 17:27
You need to change bindParam to bindValue. –  PenguinCoder Sep 20 '12 at 17:30
I tried that too, but it's not working: pastebin.com/7k4515pk –  Dominick Sep 20 '12 at 17:35

Not sure if you saw this question but have you tried casting the values you send as ints?

$start = 0;
$perpage = 10;

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT ?,?' );
$sth->bindValue(1, (int)$start, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindValue(2, (int)$perpage, PDO::PARAM_INT);

Or it says to do this:

$start = 0;
$perpage = 10;

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT ?,?' );
$sth->bindValue(1, intval($start), PDO::PARAM_INT);
$sth->bindValue(2, intval($perpage), PDO::PARAM_INT);
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This is because "prepare" and execute with array argument thinks your datas are string by default. So they escape them with ' '. THe problem is that when you deal with limits those quotes trigger error. The solution is bindValue

$sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT :number OFFSET :start' );
$sth->bindValue("number",10, PDO::PARAM_INT);
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$start = 0; $perpage = 10; $sth = $dbh->prepare( 'SELECT * FROM post LIMIT ?,?' ); $sth->bindValue(1, $start, PDO::PARAM_INT); $sth->bindValue(2, $perpage, PDO::PARAM_INT); $sth->execute(); Still not working –  Dominick Sep 20 '12 at 17:05
sorry, just a typo –  artragis Sep 20 '12 at 17:58
why do you use 1 and 2 as index? I think 0 and 1 are the good ones. You can also use named parameters (for example :limit and :offset) –  artragis Sep 20 '12 at 18:11
@artragis bindValue is actually 1-indexed (For a prepared statement using question mark placeholders, this will be the 1-indexed position of the parameter). I agree that using named parameters is clearer though! –  ChrisForrence Sep 21 '12 at 12:26
if the new code does not work it is that you have misspelled your table name. Check the case of "post", check the singular etc. –  artragis Sep 21 '12 at 17:25

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