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Is there any way I can force ALL the comments to be enqueued for moderation?

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Moderating your community, "Comment Pre-moderation":

Pre-moderation options can be found your forum's Settings > Moderators page. You can choose to pre-moderate either all comments or comments made by guest profiles. You may also choose to screen comments which contain links as a way to control spammers and against posting inappropriate links.

While this option isn't currently available in the Disqus 2012 forum settings, it can be enabled using the guide, How to Enable Settings Missing from Disqus 2012. For more information on the differences between Disqus Classic and Disqus 2012, see Introducing Disqus 2012 and F.A.Q..

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Thank you. Disqus "2012" was enabled by default, therefore I couldn't see the option. Next step: disabling "Stars" button... –  gd1 Sep 20 '12 at 16:45

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