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I have a list of columns

Dim ListCol As List(Of System.Data.DataColumn)
            For Each Col As System.Data.DataColumn In Grid.Columns

I need the user friendly name of the columnl not the actual name of the column but the one displayed to the user.

Dim rr As Report.ReportRow() = Settings.Report.Select("rField = '" & ListCol.Item(i).DataPropertyName & "' AND rIsDefault = true")

I can't access the datapropertyname unless its a datagridview object. Im assumning I need to convert it to a datagridview but I was hoping to find a method of that would return the same text as if I asked for datagridview.DataPropertyName.

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I don't want to have to convert the datacolumns to datagridviews. – Ccorock Sep 20 '12 at 16:32
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I think you're actually looking for System.Data.DataColumn.Caption. This lets you set a user-friendly name for the column.

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This saved me time in changing all the captions on the DataGridView too, as I have been doing for too long. Thank you good sir. – Ccorock Sep 20 '12 at 16:38

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