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I'm looking to have a branch in git that has 2 upstream branches, such that it pulls from both of them and pushes to one of them...

here's the scenario:



So, my new branch, MY_BRANCH, pulls from both ORIGINAL_BRANCH and MY_BRANCH (at the origin), and pushes to MY_BRANCH (at the origin).

Is this possible in git? I've added ORIGINAL_BRANCH as the upstream, so when I go git pull it pulls from it. And when I do git push it pushes to MY_BRANCH, which is good. But how do I get it to follow MY_BRANCH as well, and pull from it too (reason for this is other developers might add something to it and not the ORIGINAL_BRANCH).

Any ideas?


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As mentioned in "How to track more than one remote with a given branch using Git?", you cannot register more than one upstream branch for a given local branch.

So you need to define an alias which will call git pull twice (with, for the second call, the MY_BRANCH from origin)

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ah ok - thanks @VonC –  Jarrett Sep 21 '12 at 13:03

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