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In my admin I have a form allowing to upload a file to fill the DB.

Parsing and filling the DB take a long time, so I'd like to do it asynchronously.

As recommended by several SO users I tried to install python-celery, but I can't manage to do it (I'm on Webfaction).

Is there any simple, easy-to-install alternative?

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If webfaction supports cron jobs you can create your own pseudo broker. You could save your long running tasks to the db and in a 'tasks' table, this would allow you to return a response to the user instantaneously. Then there could be a cron that goes through very frequently and looks for uncompleteled tasks and processes them.

I believe this is what django mailer does

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Try Gearman along with it's python client library

It's very easy to setup and run gearman. Try few examples.

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