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When I submit my app Routing File in itunes connect I got this error message:

JSON file you uploaded was invalid. Errors : Each set of coordinates provided must be valid : [Ljava.lang.Object;@1f02c024

This is the content of the geoJson file:

[[45.56497960813695, -74.22161340332036],[45.823011917542566, -73.46767663574224],[45.47356846799377, -73.30562829589849],[45.34051720106048, -73.51299523925786],[45.56497960813695, -74.22161340332036]]}

I can't see where is the problem with this coordinates?

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Multipolygon coordinates are arrays of arrays of arrays: [[[x, y], ...]. Plus, it looks like your coordinates are swapped. It needs to be easting, northing ( or longitude, latitude) just like with KML.

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[longitude, latitude] is key point! :D – Wei Lu Apr 18 '13 at 14:40

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