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I am trying to read through the Windows Event log "Error" entry messages in in c#.

  foreach (EventLogEntry log in eventLog.Entries)
    if (log.EntryType.ToString() == "Error") 
        Console.WriteLine( log.Message);

The output is "The XYZ service failed to start due to the following error: \r\n%%2"

while the entry I am looking for is

"The XYZ service failed to start due to the following error:\r\nThe system cannot find the file specified."

How does one translate from the id to the appropriate error message ?

Many thanks, KG

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Event log messages are templates, something like:

The %1 service failed to start due to the following error: \r\n%2

An event log entry contains a message number and replacement strings to substitute for %1, %2, etc.

The .Net EventLogEntry.Message property does the substitution for you, so you should never see the %1, %2, etc.

It looks like the substitution is failing, perhaps because there aren't enough replacement strings (check the EventLogEntry.ReplacementStrings property) or the format string is malformed (it seems to have a stray '%'). Though neither of these explanations seem plausible if the log entry is coming from the Service Control Manager.

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