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Is there a parser generator that also implements the inverse direction, i.e. unparsing domain objects (a.k.a. pretty-printing) from the same grammar specification? As far as I know, ANTLR does not support this.

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Seems kinda hard when you have arbitrary actions, but with an attribute grammar it seems easy enough... I can't wait to be humbled by a smart answer :D –  delnan Sep 20 '12 at 17:39

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It is not possible in general.

What makes a print pretty? A print is pretty, if spaces, tabs or newlines are at those positions, which make the print looking nicely.

But most grammars ignore white spaces, because in most languages white spaces are not significant. There are exceptions like Python but in general the question, whether it is a good idea to use white spaces as syntax, is still controversial. And therefor most grammars do not use white spaces as syntax.

And if the abstract syntax tree does not contain white spaces, because the parser has thrown them away, no generator can use them to pretty print an AST.

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I was thinking this. Some grammars (like the one for C) allow a lot of flexibility in things like white space. But some grammars don't, so any printer would automatically be a pretty printer. But it seems like you could probably annotate the grammar with information as to which of the choices is "pretty", and then you could generate a pretty printer from that. –  Samuel Edwin Ward Oct 11 '12 at 13:35

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