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<SPAN>Instuction » &nbsp;</SPAN><INPUT id=inst10008 size=38><A jQuery1249838079711="50"><IMG style="FLOAT: right" border=0 alt=select src="../../Content/image/selectbutton.gif"></A>

I have above in div so it is like "TEXT TextBOX Link"

Link is floating right so would be at end

  • Issue is i need textbox size to fill all available space

    In different resolution textbox size would varry

    Size attribute makes it fixed width

    I tried Width but as i have link floating right it is not working as i need it

How could it be achieved?

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Could you try floating the first two items left instead? Like this...

  <span style="float:left">text...</span>
  <input type="textbox" style="float:left;width:100%;" />
  <a href="blah">link text </a>
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