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i want use native query using 'as' clause to set class attribute:

public function findIntersects($id,$pontos){

$em = $this->getEntityManager();

 $sql = "SELECT p.imovel,,ST_Area(ST_Intersection(p.location,'POLYGON((".$pontos."))')) as area_int, ST_Area(p.location) as area from propriedades p where ST_Intersects(p.location,'POLYGON((".$pontos."))') and id !=:id";

$rsm = new ResultSetMapping;
$rsm->addEntityResult('Incra\PropriedadesBundle\Entity\Propriedades', 'o');
$rsm->addFieldResult('o', 'id', 'id');
$rsm->addFieldResult('o', 'imovel', 'imovel');
$rsm->addFieldResult('o', 'area_int', 'area_int');
$rsm->addFieldResult('o', 'area', 'area');

 $qns = $this->_em->createNativeQuery($sql, $rsm);
$qns->setParameter("id", $id);
$qns->setParameter("pontos", $pontos);

  return $qns->getResult();


i have this attributes in my class but dont have annotations of orm

and i get an error:

Notice: Undefined index: area_int in /var/www/incra/vendor/doctrine/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Internal/Hydration/AbstractHydrator.php line 205

my class:

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You haven't marked area_int as a data column (line 120 in your class). Since you've listed area_int in field results ($rsm->addFieldResult('o', 'area_int', 'area_int');) Doctrine tries to map the column to the entity, but can't find it. Try modifying your class with

/**@ORM\Column(name="area_int", type="int")*/
private $area_int;

Also, just for the sake of security/performance/goo code style/etc. You are directly injecting $pontos in the query string. This makes your code subject to SQL injections. Later, you add $pontos as a parameter. This two approaches are redundant so you'd better remove one of them. I would definitely try to use parameter approach, so your query becomes something like

SELECT p.imovel,,ST_Area(ST_Intersection(p.location,'POLYGON((:pontos))')) as area_int, 
       ST_Area(p.location) as area from propriedades p 
where ST_Intersects(p.location,'POLYGON((:pontos))') and id !=:id

In case it would not work you may remove $qns->setParameter("pontos", $pontos);, but then you are ought to perform as much sanity checks and validations as possible to prevent SQL-injections.

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but 'area_int' dont is a column in the database table, is a return of a psql function, i dont want make this a column. i know of $pontos, but this value getted directly the database and are verifield inserted – Ciro Vargas Sep 20 '12 at 21:13
verifield on insert* – Ciro Vargas Sep 20 '12 at 21:19
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Used executeQuery to use native without dql

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