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Solved it!

Apparently, the audio / track element is really quite buggy. However, the "oncuechange" seems to work quite well. I made it like this now:

var _cueLookup = new Object();

_cues = _track.cues;  //track-element cues.
for (var j = 0; j < _cues.length; ++j) {
            var cue = _cues[j];
            //cue.onenter = getOnEnter(j);
            _cueLookup[cue.id] = j;

_track.oncuechange = function() {
            // "this" is a textTrack
            var cue = this.activeCues[0]; // assuming there is only one active cue

old question here

I'm trying to dynamically assign functions to HTML5 Cue.onenter events. This is a really new feature, currently only supported in Chrome with specific flags enabled (See example on html5rocks here).

However, either it is really buggy due to early development or I'm doing something wrong. Basically, I have a track element on a normal html page. Nothing freaky.

<audio id="audiocast" controls oncanplay="setReadyToPlay();">
            <source id="audiosource" src="SomeWorkingUrlwithaudio" ></source>
            <track kind="metadata" id="audioTrack" label="slides" src="/data.vtt" default >
            Your Browser does not support HTML5

And access it via JavaScript..Like so:

var trackElements = $("#audiocast")[0].children("track")[0];
        _track = trackElements.track;
        _cues = _track.cues;

        for (var j = 0; j < _cues.length; ++j) {
            var cue = _cues[j];
            cue.onenter = getOnEnter(j);

function getOnEnter(idx) {
    return function() {
        var json = JSON.parse(this.text);

        _currImgSrc = json.src;

However, this works totally random. Sometimes I have to realod the browser 3 times for this to work (Like, to say, draw an image when entering a cue) Or, WHEN it works, it randomly works until reaching, lets say cue 4 of 10 and then stops working. It just doesn't make sense but maybe some of you guys have an idea how to provide fallback and stability solutions for this. Additional information: This runs as a Node.js application. Full source of the Media Player handling the cues is on pastebin here

Thx in advance! Nico

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Is this still a valid method for you, because I'm finding the cuechange event in Chrome to be super buggy. Like you say, it works seemingly randomly, and will stop after 3-7 cue changes for no obvious reason. –  Otto Jun 21 '13 at 22:39

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