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I learned some good stuff about caching here. I currently use proxy-revalidate with max-age.

What if I make an important change to my website I want everyone to see, even if the max-age isn't used up? How will they see the change?

For example, in Safari the change would not take place until I forced the page to reload. Simply going to the URL again did not cause the change be retrieved.

I think the main workaround is to use must-revalidate instead of proxy-revalidate, but that's not as efficient.

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There are a couple of things at work here.

First off, it depends upon how the user's browser is caching. Remember that directives on the web are suggestions only. If a browser doesn't want to cache (or release a cache), it won't, no matter what you set your headers to.

Another consideration is if your page has been cached by a router or firewall, it may take time to clear the cache, regardless of the user's browser.

If you have portions of your site that need to update (say, a stock ticker, or something similar), then cache-bust (google it) the javascript/css/iframe/whatever.

Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you have a low-traffic website, most likely your visitors will not have the content cached. The caching is useful to reduce the load of external files after the first page request, not to maintain content over long periods of time.

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