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I want to echo 'success' if the variable is true. (I originally wrote "returns true" which only applies to functions.

$add_visits = add_post_meta($id, 'piwik_visits', $nb_visits, true);
if($add_visits == true){
         echo 'success';

Is this the equivalent of

$add_visits = add_post_meta($id, 'piwik_visits', $nb_visits, true);
         echo 'success';

Or does $add_visits exist whether it is 'true' or 'false';

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Testing $var == true is the same than just testing $var.

You can read this SO question on comparison operator. You can also read PHP manual on this topic.

Note: a variable does not return true. It is true, or it evaluates to true. However, a function returns true.

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They're the same.


if ($add_visits == true)
    echo 'success';

...Is the same as:

if ($add_visits)
    echo 'success';

In the same fashion, you can also test if the condition is false like this:

if (!$add_visits)
    echo "it's false!";
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if($add_visits === TRUE)

should do the trick.

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You might want to consider:

if($add_visits === TRUE){
     echo 'success';

This will check that your value is TRUE and of type boolean, this is more secure. As is, your code will echo success in the event that $add_visits were to come back as the string "fail" which could easily result from your DB failing out after the request is sent.

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Yeah, that would work fine.

if($variable) echo "success";
if($variable == true) echo "success";

if(!$variable) echo "failure";
if($variable == false) echo "failure";
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