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I'm trying to set up an inline DatePicker that will update a #StartDate altField on select and then on the next select it will update the #EndDate altField.

So, it uses the same inline calendar to update what is essentially a date range with two inputs. There seem to be a lot of resources around on this but none are concerning an inline datepicker.

I'm struggling with getting the second altField to update. Every select just updates the first altField.

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You can use the onSelect event handler to update the datepicker's altField each time a date is selected:

        $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker({
            altField: "#startDate",
            onSelect: function(date, ui){
                ui.settings.altField = (ui.settings.altField=="#startDate") ? "#endDate" : "#startDate";

I would be careful about how you use this though. This seems like it could easily make for a confusing UI.

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