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I have this certificate on my server:

DigiCert -> DigiCert High Assurance EV CA-3 ->

And if "DigiCert High Assurance EV CA-3" is not installed on the client machine I will get a error from the browser that is server certificate is not valid. If I installed it manually it's working fine.

But if I go to i.e. I can see this certificate chain in the browser:

DigiCert -> DigiCert High Assurance EV CA-1 ->

If I check in my user certificate store via certmgr.msc I can find the Root CA (DigiCert) but not the immediate certificate. Why is this working?

Maybe I can setup Apache to send the immediate certificate to the browser?

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You can use SSLCertificateChainFile to provide the intermediate certificates to the browser.

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Thx. Working fine. – chitech Sep 23 '12 at 17:33

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