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I am trying to set source of a dynamically inserted iframe with jquery, it works with one source but doesn't with google maps.

The google maps url work with iframe which is already there in page.

I've setup a my case on jsfiddle, I'm using three variables for testing, 'src1' works but 'src2' and 'src3' don't.

Please somebody help me out, I've been pulling my hair on this.

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apparently this is an issue with google maps. add the parameter output=embed to the src and it works:

More info: Overcoming "Display forbidden by X-Frame-Options"

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Thanks, it worked after removing few other parameters from the iframe embed code provided by google maps, so it is not only output=embed, other params were also causing it not to work. – user1657837 Sep 21 '12 at 9:03

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