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I've been using VS 2008 for several months now and received a copy of VSTS 08 from work and installed without any issues. I upgraded VS 08 to VSTS 08 by running the VSTS installer without uninstalling VS 08. A few hours of after the install, I attempted to create a snippet in a VB project (Try Catch: Ctrl+K,Ctrl+X) and nothing happened. On the line where I pressed the shortcuts, the line "Insert Snippet:No Snippets Available" shows up.

In attempt to resolve, I un-installed all the the VS 08 applications, and re-installed using only the VSTS 08. To no avail.

After reading a post somewhere, I removed all the snippets using the Code Snippet Manager and re-added them and still not working.

Any suggestions on how to get them to work properly?

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Do you have the tools for Silverlight 3 installed - in particular patch KB967143? Do you have any other add-ins or packages installed? I've heard of problems when changing Pro <-> TS editions, but I'm sure it's nothing that can't be figured out. :) –  Sam Harwell Aug 9 '09 at 18:28
@Stevoni - the patch I refer to is a silent install during the S3 install - you'll have to check add/remove programs with Show Updates checked. –  Sam Harwell Aug 9 '09 at 18:29
@280Z28- I don't have the tools installed and the second time, I uninstalled all the add-ins as well and still had the same problem. I'll have to check for the patch when I get to work tomorrow. –  Stevoni Aug 9 '09 at 18:37
@280Z28 - I couldn't find the patch you're talking about and since I don't have Silverlight 3 I'm not that surprised. –  Stevoni Aug 10 '09 at 14:31

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The solution I found came from a MSDN post that I just found due to the lack of relevant keywords to VS 2008.

I didn't have to do the registry edit to get it to work again.

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