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I tried WishList app on public fbsamples on github. After following all the steps and setting backend server. There's no problem uploading a photo on heroku. (I check heroku logs) But runtime error shows that there's problem posting on timeline(domain = com.facebook.sdk, code = 5)

The console messages:

Response from photo upload: {"image_name":"505b5df82ca2e.jpg","image_url":"http://XXX.herokuapp.com/images/505b5df82ca2e.jpg"} Error: HTTP status code: 400 error: domain = com.facebook.sdk, code = 5

Print the error out in the following:

   "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.facebook.sdk error 5.)" 
   UserInfo=0xe07c760 {com.facebook.sdk:ParsedJSONResponseKey={type = mutable dict, count   >= 2,entries =>
   1 : {contents = "code"} = {value = +400, type = kCFNumberSInt32Type}
   2 : {contents = "body"} = {type = mutable dict, count = 1,entries =>
   11 : {contents = "error"} = {type = mutable dict, count = 3,entries =>
   2 : {contents = "type"} = {contents = "OAuthException"}
   3 : {contents = "message"} = {contents = "(#100) Only one of wishlist, product >reference objects can be specified for type MY_APP_SPACE:add_to."}
   6 : {contents = "code"} = 100
   , com.facebook.sdk:HTTPStatusCode=400}

Any suggestion?

BTW, I use Facebook SDK 3.0.8. I tried the newest 3-1.0.8 too. But meet the same problem.

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Check how you've set up your "add_to" action type. Go to your App Dashboard and then edit the add_to action type. You should be seeing "Wishlist" as a connected object and "Product" listed as one of the properties. The error is probably due to the setup you have that assumes you're either "adding to" a wishlist or "adding to" a product. However you're actually adding to a wishlist and passing in a product reference.

This is the fbsamples README snippet that you want to double-check you followed:

Edit your "add to" action type once more to add a reference to the "product" object:

Under action properties click on "add another property". enter "product" in the name field. select "product" for the type field.

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