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I'm trying to get a Users Managers Email from AD with Powershell, so i want to enter UserA and get return AManager@domain.com. so i can reset a user password and have it email the password to the manager specified in AD. so, here is waht i got:

Get-ADUser -Identity SAMAccountName -Properties EmailAddress,Manager | Select-Object { (Get-AdUser $_.Manager -Properties EmailAddress).EmailAddress }

but, its returning it like a table format like this:

(Get-ADUser $_.Manager -Properties EmailAddress).EmailAddres

So i cannot use that as a valid email, is there a way to get just the email address. Thnaks for any help.

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This worked for me if I understand what you want:

Get-ADUser -Identity SAMAccountName -Properties EmailAddress,Manager | %{(Get-AdUser $_.Manager -Properties EmailAddress).EmailAddress}
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Great ForEach-Object, instead of a Select-Object is where its at! Thanks again. –  dotps1 Sep 20 '12 at 19:44

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