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I need to parallelize for loops with data dependency and I am not getting much as to how do I proceed. This is actually the fisher-jenks natural breaks algorithm. Below is the code which I am trying to parallelize.

// The Diameter array is already initialized with some values
float Diameter[4][4], Error[2][4]; 
for(row = 1; row < 2; row++)
      for(col = row+1; col < 4; col++)
              val = 9999.0;
              right = col;
              while(right >= row)
                     float rv = Diameter[right][col];
                     float e = Error[row-1][right-1];
                            if((rv + e) < val)
                                    val = rv + e;
                            right -= 1;
                    Error[row][col] = val;

I referred to many examples on the net but I am clueless in this case. Can someone help me out..?

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