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I'm build xml file:

public YandexMarketDoc()
        var root = _doc.CreateElement("yml_catalog");
        root.SetAttribute("date", DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm"));

        var shop = _doc.CreateElement("shop");

        Categories = _doc.CreateElement("categories");

        Items = _doc.CreateElement("offers");

than I add nodes to Categories Node:

public override void AddCategory(string title, int id, int parent)
        var i = Categories.OwnerDocument.CreateElement("category");
        i.SetAttribute("id", id.ToString());

        if(parent > 0)
            i.SetAttribute("parentId", parent.ToString());

        i.InnerText = title;


but the resulting nodes in Category Node change their positions. This is method for insert node to Category:

static void FillTemplates(PriceList doc, List<PriceAgregator> price)
        foreach (PriceAgregator i in price.Where(r=> r.Level == 0))
            foreach (PriceAgregator level1 in price.Where(r => r.Level == 1 && r.ParentID == i.ID))
                AddCategory(doc, i.Title, level1.ParentID);
                foreach (PriceAgregator pa in price.Where(r => r.Level == 2 && r.ParentID == level1.ID))
                    int p = 0;

                    foreach (PriceAgregatorItem item in pa.Childs)
                        if (AddItem(doc, item))

                    if (p == 0)
                        RemoveCategory(doc, i.ID);
                        AddCategory(doc, pa.Title, pa.ID, level1.ParentID);

I think first inserted must category from stroke: AddCategory(doc, i.Title, level1.ParentID);

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Order of nodes in xml is not important. <A> <B>bb</B> <C>cc</C> </A> and <A> <C>cc</C> <B>bb</B> </A> are equal. –  L.B Sep 20 '12 at 19:55
but why is this happening? –  user571874 Sep 21 '12 at 2:41

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