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I am trying to convert the following html

<div class="bbQuote">
    <div class="quoteAuthor">Joe Block</div>
    <div class="quoteContent">This is the first message<br>
        <div class="bbQuote">
            <div class="quoteAuthor">Jane Doe</div>
            <div class="quoteContent">This is the second message</div>

to the following bbCode

[quote=Joe Block]
    This is the first message
    [quote=Jane Doe]
        This is the second message

How can I do this using jQuery?

PS: Nested HTML can have zero or more children

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The HTML is in the page or a string? In the page I believe? –  Fabrício Matté Sep 20 '12 at 19:44
HTML is parsed using jQuery('#commentContent').html() so it can be html or text. –  Optimus Sep 20 '12 at 19:46
I made a primitive example of what you want - fiddle but 1. It won't convert other bbCode tags ([b], [i], anchor tags etc), 2. Indentation is not identical. I'd use ajax to fetch the actual post content from the DB or use a proper jQuery bbCode parsing library. –  Fabrício Matté Sep 20 '12 at 20:33
Worked like a charm! Thanks –  Optimus Sep 20 '12 at 21:20
can you paste it as an answer so I can accept it. –  Optimus Sep 20 '12 at 21:21

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Here's a very basic example:

var html = $('#commentContent').html(),
    beingParsed = $('<div>' + html.replace(/<br>/g, '\n\r') + '</div>'),
while (($quote = beingParsed.find('.bbQuote:first')).length) {
    var $author = $quote.find('.quoteAuthor:first'),
        $content = $quote.find('.quoteContent:first'),
        toIndent = $author[0].previousSibling;

    toIndent.textContent = toIndent.textContent.substring(0, toIndent.textContent.length-4);
    $author.replaceWith('[quote=' + $author.text() + ']');
    $quote.replaceWith($quote.html() + '[/quote]');

var parsedData = beingParsed.html();



  1. It won't convert other HTML to BBCode (<b>, <i>, anchor tags etc);
  2. Indentation/white space is not 100% accurate.

I'd use Ajax to fetch the actual post content from the DB or use a proper jQuery bbCode parsing library.

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