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I have a site that has referral links. It is set up so that http://site.com/refer/abc redirects to http://site.com/destination.

Whenever I enter http://site.com/refer/abc as the data-href for Facebook's Like button, though, it just rewrites the link as http://site.com/destination, which causes me to lose referral tracking.

Any way I can keep the referral link with the Facebook Like button?

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I solved this by checking to see whether it was a bot or human that visited http://site.com/refer/abc. If you're using Rails:

request.env["HTTP_USER_AGENT"].match(/\(.*https?:\/\/.*\)/) ? "is robot" : "is human"

If it was a human, I let it redirect like normal. If it was a bot I just rendered the page with no redirect - the same one that the human would see at http://site.com/destination. This made Facebook keep the original referrer URL but still display the relevant meta tags for that page when someone Liked the page.

EDIT: I've found that if you want Facebook to crawl your Like button right as it's created, you need to curl Facebook's URL linter each time a new button is created:

curl https://developers.facebook.com/tools/lint/?url={YOUR_URL}&format=json

This will update the Like button metadata immediately. More info here.

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