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I am currently developing a Windows CE 6.5 application which runs on Unitech's PA690 RFID Reader device, which hosts Biztalk RFID Mobile 2010 to connect with a Biztalk RFID 2010 Server located at the POS.

Here is the URL to the PA690 RFID device: http://www.ute.com/products_info.php?rbu=5&pc1=50&pc2=83&pid=986

I now require that the app be ported to Windows Phone 7.

My first obstacle is to convert a Windows Phone 7 to an RFID reader device using some kind of passive bluetooth/NFC enabled adaptor OR use an active RFID reader device that runs the same OS as that in a Windows Phone 7 [The 7 series]

Is there an adaptor/hardware device that can be plugged into Windows Phone 7 to turn it into an RFID reader OR is there an RFID Reader available in the market that runs Windows Phone OS ver. 7.X ?

Thanks, -Sumit

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This is a hardware question, not a programming question, and is off-topic here. Voting to close for that reason. The FAQ has the guidelines about the types of questions that are appropriate to ask here. Please try and stay within them. Thanks. –  Ken White Sep 20 '12 at 20:11

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To answer your question, you cannot do that with the available stock hardware/SDK resources, since:

  • There is no publicly supported Bluetooth Channel API

  • Windows Phone 7 does not have NFC capabilities.

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