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I have this jsfiddle. zclip appears to work in FireFox and Chrome. But once I put this code locally, it no longer works on Chrome. It will still work on FireFox; so I know its not a flash player setting as I have set the settings for my local ZeroClipboard.swf.

Any ideas?

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Some searching suggests there are issues running this on localhost. –  mahemoff Apr 9 '13 at 13:48

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I made it work. the only thing I did was instantiate it, something like this: for example I have a link like this

<a href="#" class="song-widget">

so for the javascript...

$('body').on("click", ".share.to-click", function(){
   path: "/assets/ZeroClipboard.swf",
   copy: "<iframe src='http://localhost:5000/songs/1/widget'style=' width: 470px; height: 87px;'></iframe>"

and thats it

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From what I have read, this doesn't work locally because of some security reasons with Flash. It must be uploaded to a web server.

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