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I'm wondering if anyone else have run into this problem in MongoDB.

I'm trying to search an array inside another array with $elemMatch and then see if a nested value inside of this document, is in an array of values I provide.

Below there is a simple example:

db.p.insert({v: [{o: [{s: {e: ["M"] }} ]} ]});
db.p.findOne({"v.o": {"$all": [{"$elemMatch": {"s.e": {"$in": ["M"]}}}]}});

Note, the reason for the $all statement is that I want to be able to match several different fields, where each field doesn't necessarily exist on the documents in the array.

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$all is used to match an array property against a list of discrete values, not a list of conditions with operators like $elemMatch. If you remove the $all it works:

db.p.findOne({"v.o": { $elemMatch: { "s.e": {"$in": ["M"]}}}});
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According to: link it does support matching using $elemMatch.. –  Archan Sep 20 '12 at 22:11
Interesting...undocumented feature! –  JohnnyHK Sep 20 '12 at 22:24

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