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I need to click on a button and change an order state. So far I've done this:

<?php $_order = $this->getOrder() ?>
<div class="buttons-set">
<p class="btn"><a href="<?php $this->saveState($_order);?>">Button</a></p>

In my php I have:

public function saveState($order)
   return $order->setState(Mage_Sales_Model_Order::STATE_NEW, true);

The problem is that every time the phtml loads it executes the saveState function, changing the order state everytime, dont know why. I need to execute the saveState function just where the button is clicked. Please help me with this one, i'm really stuck! Thanks

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<a href="<?php $this->saveState($_order);?>">Button</a> doesn't link to a saveState() method. It just executes the saveState() method immediately, and links to the return value of saveState(), in this case I'm guessing that would just be the string representation of a sales/order object.

What you need to do is create a Controller whose action you can link to, via something like

<a href="<?php
    echo Mage::getUrl('YourModule/YourController/YourAction')

Please note as well that having an "action" in a simple link is generally considered bad practice: it is not RESTful.

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