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John Resig's prettyDate() function works fine in Chrome and Safari, but returns "undefined" in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

See it for yourself: http://jsfiddle.net/A3DAe/

Why is that?

(NB: Note that the timestring is the one provided by the Twitter api. )

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It's because that regex to "fix" the time is erroneous.

var date = new Date((time || "").replace(/-/g,"/").replace(/[TZ]/g," ")),

should be

var date = new Date((time || "").replace(/-/g,"/").replace(/TZ/g," ")),

The character class [TZ] in the broken version was turning "Thu" into "hu". I guess Firefox is just more picky about RFC 2822 dates.

edit — I'm not sure that what that's trying to do is remove the time zone ("TZ") delimiter, but I assume it is.

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