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In Symfony2, when trying to render index.mobile.twig, How would I load index.html.twig when index.mobile.twig doesn't exist. instead go getting a "this template does not exist error".

I believe the answer lies somewhere with creating a custom loader for Twig but I couldn't find any documentation on it, just occasional references to it.

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Use LiipThemeBundle instead. – meze Sep 21 '12 at 15:13
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The answer involves extending the twig.loader.class and creating an additional step once it's discovered that the specific twig template doesn't exist and before the Exception is thrown.

PART 1 - Configuration

The answer involves extending the twig.loader.class.

  1. Create a customloader.php which extends the Twig FilesystemLoader file.

    namespace Acme\MyBundle\Twig\Loader;       
    use Symfony\Bundle\TwigBundle\Loader\FilesystemLoader;
    class CustomLoader extends FilesystemLoader{}
  2. Modify your config.yml to include:

     twig.loader.class: Acme\YourBundle\Twig\Loader\name_of_your_class

PART 2 - Extending the class

Extending the class is fairly straight forward.. The method I needed to modify was findTemplate($template). It's very small method and you could probably use parent:: to extend the original code more properly.. However, I chose to completely over-write it and include the following code right before the Unable to find template error:

    if (false === $file || null === $file) {

        switch( $template->get('format')){
            case 'mobile':
                    return self::findTemplate($template->getLogicalName());

        throw new \Twig_Error_Loader(sprintf('Unable to find template "%s".', $logicalName), -1, null, $previous);

After the code realizes that the file exists, it checks to see if mobile was the requested format. IF it is, it sets the format of the template object to html and then tries the name.html.twig. There's a lot more you could do in this area but this solved my problem.

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You could try to catch the Exception that is thrown by twig and retry it in the catch scope with the other template.

twig will throw a InvalidArgumentException when the template doesnt exist, but i am not sure if this isnt also thrown with other errors.

But anyway, try something like:

try {
    $template = $this->render('index.mobile.twig');
} catch (\InvalidArgumentException $exc) {
    $template = $this->render('index.html.twig');
return $template;
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I think the answer lies in extending the Symfony\Bridge\Twig\TwigEngine::load .. and that's where you see a try catch (similar to what you mentioned) I think modifying that method would solve my problem.. but I haven't figured out how to extend that class yet. If you can, take a look at that file.. Any ideas? – JustinP Sep 21 '12 at 15:01
im not really sure, but you can try to override the parameter templating.engine.twig.class with your class. i would prefer not to mess with such core things but rather make a custom render method in some basic controller from which other controllers inherit. there you can handle the catch switch. – ivoba Sep 21 '12 at 15:14
I've tried to override the parameter templating.engine.twig.class .. I did it in my config.yml [ engine: 'extension.of.twigengine.service' ] .. This created and error for me, but attempts outside that didn't register any changes. – JustinP Sep 21 '12 at 15:36
the parameter comes from here: /vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/TwigBundle/Resources/config/twig.xml. maybe this helps. Did you override like this: parameters: templating.engine.twig.class: myClass (with correct linebreaks) – ivoba Sep 21 '12 at 15:59
yes, ivobo - I've overwritten that parameter.. Nothing seems to happen.. It seems like the class is hardcoded in the twig.xml. I can't figure out why is doesn't over ride it. – JustinP Sep 21 '12 at 17:27

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