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Hi i got an error while connection to my sqlitedb.

I create my sqlitedb using Firefox Sqlite Addon.

MyConn : (webconfig)

             <add name="TARKMANCAS_CONNECTION" connectionString="Data  Source=C:/TARKMANCAS_DB.sqlite;"/>


public TarkBaseDb()

    // start
    public Table<TarkBaseSchema.KadroGrubuCls> KadroGrubu { get { return GetTable<TarkBaseSchema.KadroGrubuCls>(); } }


    public class KadroGrubuCls
        private TarkBaseDb db = new TarkBaseDb();

        #region Contructors

        public KadroGrubuCls()
            using (db)
                var qry = from x in db.KadroGrubu
                          select x;
                foreach (var rec_ in qry)
                    KadroGrubuId = rec_.KadroGrubuId;
                    KadroGrubu = rec_.KadroGrubu;

        #region Data Items
        [PrimaryKey, NotNull]
        public int KadroGrubuId { get; set; }
        public string KadroGrubu { get; set; }


        #region Relations

        #region Public Methods

        public KadroGrubuCls Get()
            return (new KadroGrubuCls());



And try a call:

TarkBaseSchema.KadroGrubuCls _tarkKadro = _tarkKadro.Get();

I got error :

  A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to 
SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. 
(provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)
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Similar question was answered here… – Mladen Macanović Sep 22 '12 at 9:08

The error message shows that it's trying to connect to SQL Server, not SQLite.

Change the connection string to select the correct driver.
(And you have two spaces between "Data" and "Source".)

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now error changed , I set my provider to bltoolkit and i got this :Could not load type 'BLToolkit.Data.DataProvider.SQLiteDataProvider' from assembly – Mennan Sep 21 '12 at 9:25
You have to register the provider. – CL. Sep 21 '12 at 10:23

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