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I use that kind of code for my Post Cron to Facebook script (using it for my fanpage):

if($sch['status_type'] == 'photo')
    $args = array();
    $args['message'] = $sch['status_message'];
    $args['image'] = '@'.realpath($sch['photo_url']);
    $args['access_token'] = $sch['access_token'];

        $data = $facebook->api('/'.$album_id.'/photos', 'post', $args);

Everything works fine, the $album_id is my fanpage wall photos album ID, but when the script posts a photo to Wall Photos - on my friends wall it looks like "Fanpage added 2 more photos to Wall Photos". Is it possible the uploaded photos to be separated individually?

Thank you!

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i think you have to all images in an array then pass it to post var –  Rakesh Sharma Oct 10 '12 at 3:55

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